What Basic Signs Should You Teach Your Child?

Seriously, what can be more beautiful and precious than entering the phase of parenthood? It’s a rewarding experience, and now all you want is to give them the best and well-deserved life. Embracing these little ones in your arms makes you feel at peace, doesn't it? But what if one fine day, your baby starts crying, and you are somehow not able to understand the reason behind it? Probably, the kiddo wants to have some milk, but wait, your infant won’t be able to communicate it to you through words. Then, what’s the solution, dear parent? Baby sign language to the rescue!

Sign language is a great way to improve communication between you and your child. All you have to do is grab a baby sign language book and DVD and learn from it- that’s all! Now, while reading this, you might wonder what exact signs you should begin with. Well, don’t worry, as we have got you covered! Let’s get started!


Basic Signs that You Must Teach Your Baby

More, Eat and Milk are the first three signs to teach. Find them in the Sign Baby Sign book. Once the child is using them himself, then add more signs.  This should happen at around the 9th month.  Below are some suggestions.

●  Milk

As you already know, milk is a need for little children. Whether they want to have milk from their bottles or breastfed, conveying their hunger to their parents is important. That’s where the importance of sign language comes- it helps you understand your kid a little better.

● Pick me Up

Little babies love to cuddle with their parents, and they try to extend their cute hands in order to convey that. So, whenever your baby is trying to reach out to you, know that they are in the mood to enjoy comfort on your lap.

●  All Done

Let’s say you are playing a game with your child, but now it’s time for them to have dinner and sleep. That’s where you will wnat to use the ‘all done’ sign. This, in return, will help them understand that the particular activity is over, and now it’s time for some other activities to be taken care of. You will get all the details in our baby sign language book- get it with just a few clicks.

● Change Diaper

A dirty diaper can make them feel uncomfortable, and it’s harmful for their hygiene as well. Though they are not grown up enough to ask you to change their diapers, you must teach them signs to let you know about their discomfort. This is also an important part of potty training that you must start at the initial stages itself.

●  Play

Every child loves to play with their parents and close ones- but they can’t make you understand that at times. By using signs, the purpose can be solved- you can play with your youngster and make their heart happy and content.

● Dad and Mom

We know that you wait for your child to call you ‘daddy’ and ‘mommy.’Before that happens, you must teach them signs that mean mom and dad. It will make it easier for them to communicate  accordingly. Don’t delay the process anymore and learn baby sign language today.

Get Started with Our Baby Sign Language Book and DVD

Now that you know some of the basic signs to get started with, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our baby sign language  book:  Sign Baby Sign.

Start training your little one early. You can check out the table of contents on our website- we at LYNN LAMONT SHOP do have a lot to offer. Foster a positive connection with your baby from an early stage; get in touch with us without any further delay.