Benefits that a Baby Sign Language Program brings to the table

Take some time out for yourself and your baby and learn baby sign language to reap an array of benefits that are discussed below:

No Room for Tantrums

Miscommunication is ultimately the key to triggering tantrums, and no, you can’t blame your child for not being able to convey their needs. That’s where our sign language workshop swoops in effortlessly. Take a step toward developing a better understanding between you and your child, and keep tantrums at bay!

Boosts Self Esteem

Of course, the moment you and your child will start understanding each other, it will eventually boost your self-esteem. Figure out what your child wants via constructive sign language; meet their needs and ensure peace of mind. It also teaches the art of self-expression to your child.

Builds a Strong Bond

Transparent communication between you and your baby paves the way toward building a strong bond. Gone are the days when you had to invest a lot of time in deciphering your child, you can now get engrossed in spending quality time with them. Sign Baby Sign is everything you are looking for.

Cognitive Benefits

Learning sign language is accompanied by cognitive benefits. It enhances memory from an initial stage of life. Since they need to remember certain gestures and signs, the power to restore information is developed at an early age.

Say ‘Yes’ to Spending Quality Time with Your Little One

Teaching baby sign language to your child and learning it yourself makes spending time with them as smooth as silk. The art of expressing their feelings is incredibly important, be a part of their journey and make sure to give these little ones an amazing life.

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I believe that baby sign language is one of the most innovative, progressive and useful ideas of the past 100 years.  Ms. Lamont's Sign Baby Sign Book and DVD has made it simple and easy to implement.  If this excites you as much as it does me, then I highly recommend this program.  In just a few hours, you will be happily signing with your baby.  Great presentation!

Dr. E. Cameron-Scott, PhD


I'm amazed at how clear and easy to understand and apply this Sign Baby Sign program is.  I look forward to sharing it with my niece who just had her first baby.  Thank you Ms Lamont for being a blessing and for taking your time to invest in our next generation by sharing your knowledge on this subject! 

Barbara Keller


I bought Sign Baby Sign to use with the 10--month-old boy I nanny for.  The program is very clear and easy to use.  I was amazed at how quickly the boy learned to respond to my signs!  The parents were impressed as well.  :-)  Highly recommended.

Molly Peterson


Sign Baby Sign is well written, user friendly and very interesting.  Start your baby learning early; it is so easy for them when they are young.  They learn so will be surprised.  Signing stimulates the brain, making later academics easier to learn in the future.  Written by a pioneer in the industry, this is the best and most interesting book on the subject that I have ever read.

Jim Schulze


I recommend Sign Baby Sign to everyone with babies and toddlers.  This book is presented in a very helpfull and informative manner.  It should be a great tool for raising children.  It is designed to help you teach your children how to use word signs at very early ages.  Many begin signing back to you by 8 - 9 months!

Vicki Miller


This book makes it easy to teach your children baby sign language. I like that it teaches true ASL signs so it will be universally accepted.  Also, it's interesting that the signing helps increase the child's IQ and reduces frustration levels.  It's fun, simple and amazing to watch how quickly the child picks it up.  We've been using it with our grandson and he picked it up so easily.

Christy Brownlee